Exclusion criterias

Our customers’ safety is crucial to us and any of the following conditions will unfortunately exclude you from participating in the training:

  • • Severe heart Failure
  • • Atrial fibrillation and certain heart arrhythmias
  • • Pace Maker or implantable defibrillator
  • • Anticoagulant treatment (e.g. Warfarin)
  • • Acute spinal injury
  • • Epilepsies
  • • Psychotic disorders


Commercial Spaceflight TRAINING

Join us for your next adventure

The Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping, Sweden

Do you dream of going into space?

Our training programme is for you who reach for the stars or just want to experience a ride of a lifetime.

The Flight Physiological Centre has a long history of training and preparing pilots and aircrews for the challenges faced when operating fast jets. We operate a state-of-the-art flight simulator combined with a human centrifuge where fast jet pilots from around the world come to train to withstand high G-forces. Our students also get to experience the sensation of hypoxia or oxygen deprivation as well as training on procedures for surviving a landing at sea. We offer a unique experience where saftey comes first.

An extensive 2-day experience

The Training programme

When going into space, you will be exposed to gravitational forces previously experienced only by a handful of carefully selected and highly trained individuals. Any description of the experience of changes in gravity falls far short of the real thing. With our unique facilities and unrivalled experience in aviation medicine, the Flight Physiological Centre and its staff is highly skilled to guide in handling them and maximising your experience of an actual launch.

Gravity Horizon’s training programme will teach you about our planet’s gravitational field and atmosphere, and the unique challenges of space and your suborbital flight. You will experience first-hand the G forces produced by a suborbital spaceflight during rocket burns (+Gx) and aircraft manoeuvres (+Gz), and unique launch-to-landing G profiles for any commercial alternative, and have a glimpse of what life is like at the very edge of space. Both physically and emotionally, you could not be more prepared for the real thing.

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Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Theory & Practical Lesson
  • Lunch
  • Basic Centrifuge-based G-force training
  • Sea survival training
  • Summary of day 1
  • Course dinner

Day 2

  • Class room session
  • Applied Hypoxia Demonstration
  • Lunch
  • Advanced Centrifuge-based G-force training
  • Full launch-to-landing Centrifuge-based profiles
  • Course diplomas and mingle

A complete experience


Basic G-force training

The Flight Physiological Centre’s Dynamic Flight Simulator is amongst the most advanced in the world, and allows us to re-create increased levels of both +Gz and +Gx. Following an interactive briefing, you will complete a series of centrifuge runs at increased levels of +Gz and +Gx.

The most extraordinary feature of our centrifuge is the DFS capability, which transforms information from an on-board flight simulator into actual centrifuge accele- rations. A truly unique and unforgettable experience.


In the event of landing at sea, it is necessary to understand the potential challenges. You will in a safe environment be introduced to rough seas, high wind, rain, noise and lightning effects
to accurately reproduce open sea conditions. To complete the training package, we provide multi-person life raft.



An exposure to simulated high altitude is a fantastic way of understanding the Earth’s atmosphere and its importance to us, and a unique demonstration of the challenges facing those who venture upwards. Following an interactive briefing, you will experience first-hand your own unique response to decreased oxygenation availability (hypoxia) and to recognise the signs. This will be done by breathing air with an oxygen level similar to an altitude of 25,000 ft.

Advanced G-force training

With the centrifuge experience from Day 1 under your belt, you’re now ready for the ‘real’ thing. Our centrifuge has the ability to recreate commercial spacecrafts’ unique launch-to-landing G profile, including the simultaneous combination of +Gz and +Gx during a rocket burn.

Drawing on your knowledge and experience from the previous day, you will take on the full profile, with its maximum G levels during rocket burn (up to +4Gz and +4Gx in combination) and re-entry (up to +6x).

Gagarin. Glenn. Armstrong. Join the league.

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  • Reserve your seat
  • Your first step is a medical examination, either a EASA Medical Class 2 or a FAA Class 3 Medical
  • We can assist you in finding a qualified Aero-medical Examiner where you live
  • Gravity Horizon’s Chief Medical Officer will review your medical examination to clear you for training
  • When you are cleared for training we will confirm your dates and invoice you to provide full payment


    About us

    Who is behind the Gravity Horizon?

    Gravity Horizon is based at the Flight Physiological Centre (FPC) in Linköping, Sweden operated by QinetiQ. The centre provides World Class facilities for training, research, Test & Evaluation, activities conducted by a professional staff with long experience in this field.

    Your training team exemplifies this strength in depth. Our medical officers all highly experienced and are trusted for every aspect of aeromedical safety. This trust is based on their unrivalled experience, having overseen thousands high altitude exposures and centrifuge runs up to and including +9Gz.

    Your instructors have designed and tested the programme themselves. As professional and highly experienced physiologists, they know all aspects of what you will experience during the programme and will help you make the most of your training. Supported by a dedicated team of facility operators and engineers, proud of their flawless safety record, you couldn’t be in better hands.


    Location: Nobymalmsvägen 5, Linköping, Sweden

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